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I like it when the things are there when they are there Because, if they are not there when they are there my mood can change.
Matylda, 5
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The right time for everything

If the process is well organised everything will fall into place. We operate in a business environment and we know the importance of transparency. Our services are therefore in strict observance of the PN EN ISO 17100 standard.

In 2017 Bureau Veritas carried out an audit, confirmed that the requirements were met and awarded us a certificate. Our customers can now see that our competences have been objectively confirmed by a reliable tool for quality verification.

However, meeting these standards is not everything. We bet on traditional values. We want to be available, we want to speak with you. When working with us you can get in touch with each member of our team and discuss your matters with a real person. We are on the ready during working hours. Every day. Call us or email us and we will settle any doubts at once.

Internally, it means the consultations are continuous. The translator cooperates with the proofreader already during the translation process. It helps us save time and keeps enquires to a minimum.

Stage I: we analyse
We determine what the customer needs. We specify the conditions. We present an offer. We assign roles.
Stage II: we translate
We translate, correct, proofread, perform quality checks, introduce corrections, discuss doubts with customers, re-check quality and prepare the final product.
Stage III: we finalise
We perform a final verification of the text after the customer delivers a print version, close the project and ask for feedback.
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We put things in order
for the sake of creativity

We keep everything in order. This covers procedures, tools and rules. We are efficient because we are committed to the balance between work and private life. This allows us to take a creative approach to the challenges faced by our customers every day.

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There is something special when creative people get together.
Joy Mangano
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Additional information

Phone: 600 338 898
Skype: metkowski_office

VAT ID: PL5611443226
REGON: 300367027


ul. Szkolna 15/8
61-832 Poznań, Poland

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