We translate into Polish
from English, German and French
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Our specialization
Technical documentation

Automation, mechanical engineering, interface localisation, automotive, railways - this is our day-to-day business. We work with files in printing formats and XML files. We know the guidelines followed by technical editors and understand the specificity of their job.

Legal documentation

Not only do we know legal language, we also know the laws behind it. We are capable of interpreting contract terms, regulations and rulings. This allows us to know how to recreate both their meaning and the letter in Polish. Different countries have different legal systems. We see differences in the perception of texts by the parties, resulting from different legal systems, and we point them out to our clients.

Marketing texts

We know how to prepare an appealing text. One that reads well. We are able to emphasize in sentences what is most important. We adapt the tone, register and style to the recipient. We advise our clients on how to adjust the texts to avoid the risks of stumbling over grammar. We understand the importance of consistency between the marketing message and technical documentation.

Machine translations

Artificial intelligence and neural networks have created new opportunities in the translation market. Translation engines have their advantages and disadvantages - we know them and we know when they are useful and when they are not. Our services include the pre-editing and post-editing of texts. We delivery practical options and offer advice.

Sworn translations

We deliver certified translations. We assist in notarial activities. We provide assistance to our clients during court hearings and civil administrative proceedings.

Authentic brands don't emerge from marketing cubicles or advertising agencies. They emanate from everything the company does...
Howard Schultz, CEO Starbucks

Our work stands for authenticity. Every day Olga. Dominika and I think about the steps we can take to make our translations even better. How can we improve the text and deliver it to the client in the perfect form to achieve their goal. Goals may be various, some texts emphasize eloquence and exuberance. Others focus on speed. Precision. Dynamics. And sometimes all the text needs is to stop for a moment, relax and embrace that moment.

Get in touch
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Our main clients include companies directly serving global corporations: MLV and documentation suppliers. Others include publishing houses and PR companies. Another group are local companies operating on the international market. Courts and authorities order certified translations from us.

The best compliment for us is when the client's project manager says that with our work he is never worried about texts in Polish.
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Additional information

Phone: 600 338 898


VAT ID: PL5611443226
REGON: 300367027


ul. Bóżnicza 11/27 
61-751 Poznań, Poland

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